Server Support & Maintenance

Many business have a server located within their office, this server normally provides a number of business critical services including email services, data storage, accounting software, backup services and authentication services. In many cases these servers are not regularly maintained and monitored. A sudden loss of service or data is the first sign that something has gone wrong.

Call out charges and system recovery can be expensive, loss of data can bring a business to its knees futhermore productivity and profitability can be severly effected.

Interconnect Direct offer a range of support services for businesses including proactive server support and maintenance, using both on-site engineers and secure remote access our team can monitor your server and ensure everything is running well and your data is safe and secure. As software updates and patches are released our team will deploy these to your server and ensure they are applied correctly, we also ensure that storage space and backups are maintained correct.

Our server support service is available as part of a fixed monthly support contract, one payment each month provides unlimited server support for your business during office hours with an additional option for out of hours support and 247 proactive monitoring.

Interconnect Direct offer server support for servers running both Microsoft and Apple server systems, we also offer limited support for Linux based server systems.

To find out how Interconnect Direct can help your business or to discuss your server support requirements please contact us.

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